1. A Fragment.

    And in this present,
    I wish I could,
    I wish I could
    Live inside you -
    Or just a part of me -
    So that when we are apart,
    My fragment
    Can breathe within you,
    Breathe you in.
    And in that present,
    My remainder would suffer
    As incomplete,
    Yet stay content
    Knowing a part of me
    Exists, curled up inside you
    When I am gone.


  2. History of Love.

    Maybe one day, I’ll write our story.
    I’ll write it for the world to see - 
    To see through code. 
    Yes, I’ll write it in Ancient Greek
    Or perhaps Ancient Egyptian;
    Our story will be written on walls
    And temples - only for me to understand.
    Maybe I’ll travel to a Mayan temple
    And bury my heart in the dirt
    To accompany the skeletons
    That cradle each other in death.
    Maybe, just maybe I’ll have the courage
    To run away from you,
    The thought of you, the ghost of you,
    The mere existence of you,
    And leave us as simply history - 
    Only a figment of the past
    That grew so quickly in this filthy, unfair present.